Bimbingan Ikeda Sensei untuk Pimpinan Generasi Muda SGI

Summary of Sensei’s Guidance to SGI Youth Leaders

(by Vice General Director Hasegawa)

  1. Leaders should always fight amidst the realities of life. Never avoid or try to escape reality. If you won’t fight now, when will you do so? If you don’t fight now, you will be crushed and defeated. Now is the time to engage in battle. Now is the decisive moment.
  2. Leaders should first pray. Then what should they pray for? They should pray for the health and happiness of their fellow members, and for the peace and prosperity of their respective societies. Prayer is linked to compassion. Compassion become prayer. Compassion transforms itself into action and wisdom.
  3. Leaders should struggle and suffer for others’ sake. Struggling and suffering help leaders grow and develop strength. Then everyone will become happy.
  4. Leaders should live true to themselves. Leaders should likewise understand and appreciate others who are honest with themselves. We should help others give full play to their unique personalities and characters.
  5. Leaders should look for positive traits in others. We all possess weaknesses and faults. Leaders should compensate for others’ shortcomings.
  6. Leaders should not rely on others. Rather, they should arouse their own strong conviction and pave the way. They should fight resolutely, determines to find solutions to problems. Leaders should provide the members with reassurance and give them a sense of relief.
  7. The three keys to fostering capable individuals are: a leader’s consideration, a leader’s encouragement and a leader’s caring attitude.
  8. Leaders should create an organization in which everyone is on good terms with one another and in which everyone encourages one another. A leadership position does not win the members’ respect. Members follow leaders because of their character.
  9. Don’t just promote meetings. Rather, shine a light upon each person through one-on-one communication. Leaders should learn to be good listeners and understand their members. Become their friend and ally.
  10. Leaders should be individuals who ultimately prevail. Victory does not exist at the halfway point. What happens along the way does not matter as long as you win in the end.

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